More Animal Heroes Flock To Oathsworn’s Banner

September 18, 2015 by brennon

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Three new models have now been added to social media by Oathsworn ahead of the release of their new Kickstarter focusing on adding additional heroes and villains to the world of Burrows & Badgers. See what you think of them...

Angus Quickbeak

Angus Quickbeak leads the way with sword and shield ready to go. I like to think he has just swooped down on his foe and is about to strike. Being a sparrow I could see them being fast in combat.

We then get a little bit more awesome with the addition of Brutus Testudo. Of course the famous Roman formation was named after these creatures so it's fantastic to see one of them being added to the game as a heavy infantry model.

Brutus Testudo

Last but not least we turn to what seems to be everyone's favourite dog nowadays, the Pug. Rufuss Hardpaw looks like he probably doesn't live up to his cute nature and instead will be beating up villains for the local law enforcement.

Rufuss Hardpaw

The models are looking great and the Oathsworn team are filling in the gaps when it comes to the animals they had available as part of their Alpha Rules which is good to see.

Are you going to be backing?

"Rufuss Hardpaw looks like he probably doesn't live up to his cute nature..."

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