Oathsworn Get Back To Burrows & Badgers Sculpting

October 11, 2016 by brennon

Oathsworn Miniatures have taken to social media to show off some of the sculpting they've been doing for their growing Burrows & Badgers range. Animal Adventures ahoy!

Hedgehog Warrior

The range from Oathsworn has been a delight to see grow and for someone who was obsessed with Redwall when he was younger, it's great to have such a vast selection of animal heroes to pick up to tell your tales.

Animal Swordsman

Animal Pirate

The actual range of animals available now has grown to include all manner of different character types. For example, you have the Pirate here above who would be great commanding a crew of sea rats.

Rat Slinger

One of my favourite models from this new haul is the Squirrel Mage you see below who is getting a crystal ready to blast away his foes.

Squirrel Mage

The Burrows & Badgers rules are available for you to download over on their website so if you're interested you can pick them up HERE.

Have you delved into their range?

"One of my favourite models from this new haul is the Squirrel Mage..."

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