Oathsworn Add Plenty Of Dwarfs To Their Kickstarter

April 26, 2013 by brennon

Oathsworn Miniatures have added a lot more Dwarfs to their Kickstarter pledge levels. See what you think of their stretch goals as extra characters for role-playing and fantasy wargaming heroes...

Borgrimm Deathseeker

Alric Ironpounder

Astrid Quickblade

Helga Grumsdottir

As you can see you have the slayer/berserker Bolgrimm first which rounds off the last of the main set. Adding onto the other end of things though as stretch goals are the rest of their Dwarf heroes.

Alric Ironpounder would make an awesome Engineer or Runesmith and maybe you could use Astrid Quickblade with a unit of Rangers as a leader for their scouting pack.

All of these would be great for role-playing too with plenty of different classes covered by the sculpts.

Which is your favourite?

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