Oathsworn Go A’Huntin’ Owlbears With Heroes Kickstarter

September 17, 2013 by brennon

Oathsworn have been charging on in leaps and bounds with their Kickstarter and this has bought out a bunch more heroes of both the small and tall variety. First up we dive into their collection of Halflings...

Belyn Wolfheart

Pru Slee

Rufus Tighfield, Halfling Witch Hunter

Above we have another Halfling Warrior, a rather neat named Monk and a deadly Witch Hunter who shouldn't be underestimated despite the diminutive stature. They can still send you to the pyre!

Talwyn Farsmiter

As well as the smaller Halflings they have also added Talwyn Farsmiter, a Tiefling Hunter. We don't see enough of these alternative races for role-playing out there and this is quite the epic one. I like the way the armour has been crafted.


To finish things off we have the main event which is this rather awesome looking Owlbear. These creatures should be the main event of every Dungeons & Dragons delve or journey through the forest. I think it would have looked a little cooler with a bit more fur to it.

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