Oathsworn Show Off Additional Heroes & Monsters!

September 12, 2013 by brennon

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Oathsworn are now a good £3,000 over their target and they have created some new models to add to their Heroes collection. See what you think of these warriors and monsters...

Sven Skullsplitter

Mad Tom the Mercenary

First up we have this pair of heroes. Sven Skullsplitter is probably not as heroic as you first think but he could make an awesome barbarian style character for role-playing. Mad Tom is looking just as 'anti-hero' and who would have thought that a Halfling could be so bad ass?

Shambling Mound

On the monster front we have the Shambling Mound that is, well, a Shambling Mound of strange goop! I love that these guys are looking to create some awesome monsters for your collection, something right on par with companies like Otherworld I'd say.

Have you picked out some interesting models?

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