Oathsworn’s Clan McFiggin Dwarfs Available Now!

November 5, 2014 by brennon

Oathsworn Miniatures have now taken the Dwarf Clan McFiggin from Kickstarter and added them to their growing webstore! The whole host of drunken revelers are up for a good shindig!

Clan McFiggin Dwarves

Oathsworn Clan McFiggin

The Clan McFiggin range looks like it would be rather perfect for use in role-playing adventures and as unit fillers and champions, maybe even full on heroes, in a larger army. I want to come up with some way of using them in games of Iron & Ale. I don't exactly now what use they would be but I will find one!

Getting back to the miniatures there is a neat selection of nice characters to pick up and they have a good range away from Dwarves too which I think you should check out.

Are you going to grab some of these?

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