Oathsworn’s Project Pantheon: Odin Launches On Kickstarter!

May 7, 2014 by brennon

Oathsworn Miniatures showed off a preview for their Project Pantheon fundraiser yesterday and today it's launched! You can now go and pledge to grab yourself this ace looking miniature of Odin himself mounted atop Sleipnir!

Odin #1

Odin Art

Odin #2

As you can see it's quite the masterful looking miniature and although it's good for 28mm scale it would still be pretty damn tall. It's going to be cast in metal and would work well in something like Osprey's Of Gods and Mortals.

I wouldn't mind actually seeing him at the head of a SAGA warband actually and maybe tweak the rules for including Gods alongside some mortals! A very cool sculpt and a neat little quick Kickstarter to back!

What do you think?

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