Preview Oathsworn’s Next Animal Adventurer Kickstarter

December 23, 2016 by brennon

Launching next week and only lasting for a mere twenty-four hours Oathsworn Miniatures are going to be on Kickstarter on the 26th December with Burrows & Badgers: New Blood.

Drago Spearback

The new campaign is going to bring in a whole host of additional characters to use with their Burrows & Badgers Ruleset which allows you to play out skirmish battles using these little critters.

Finder Matthias

The minds behind this game have really poured their hearts and souls into it and you can tell by the quality of the miniatures and the character they portray when you look at them. For example, you can see the steely look of determination in Finder Matthias' eyes there!

Drinchy Wildcaller

The collection has already grown quite nicely and this now allows you to add more figures into your warband and of course give different creatures new weapon options too.

One of their biggest models, Ceinwyn Quickblade, is a favourite already as she glares down at who decided to cross her!

Ceinwyn Quickblade

As well as the miniatures you see here they are going to be making a small terrain piece for you to use in your games too. You can head on over to the Kickstarter Preview Page and see that for yourself and get a sneaky peek at what's on the horizon.

Caldo Hotblood

Bemmo Farstriker

As mentioned above you can pick up the rules for the game HERE and give them a look over. It's a simple but fun game which is perfect for people who want to get more narrative and campaign play on the tabletop.

Will you be backing?

"Oathsworn Miniatures are going to be on Kickstarter on the 26th December with Burrows & Badgers: New Blood..."

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