Oathsworn Return To Kickstarter With More Heroines!

October 31, 2017 by brennon

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The life of an adventurer is varied and never dull. Oathsworn have returned to Kickstarter with Sensible Shoes III which brings more Heroines to the tabletop for your role-playing games.

Heroines In Sensible Shoes III

The focus of the collection this time around moves away from humans and instead looks towards some of the other species that might take up sword, shield and staff and go searching for an adventure.

Firbolg Druid

We've got a few examples of what they're trying to achieve here with the Firbolg Druid above, in tune with nature and carrying all of the things she'd need for her travels.

This is then matched by the Minotaur Barbarian who is looking like one of their coolest miniatures to date. I love the bandana she's wearing and the relaxed 'don't even bother' look on her face.

Minotaur Barbarian

We also have the Tabaxi Rogue who is ready to get stuck into some backstabbing in the streets of some Fantasy city. The Tabaxi are some fan favourites from the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Tabaxi Rogue

Last but not least we also have a favourite from me with the Tiefling Paladin wielding her mighty glaive.

Tiefling Paladin

There is a cool swagger to the model. She needs some awesome blood red skin and bronze armour I think as a semi-evil Paladin.

What do you think?

"The Tabaxi are some fan favourites from the world of Dungeons & Dragons..."

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