Odin The All Father Painted Up For North Star Miniatures!

September 5, 2014 by brennon

North Star have painted up the awesome looking Odin miniature that will soon be hitting their webstore and be available for the game of Of Gods & Mortals by Osprey! See what you think!

Odin (Front)

Odin (Close-Up)

Odin (Rear)

That is quite the awesome piece and certainly gets you excited to see what other Gods they're going to bring out. Maybe soon we'll have an entire pantheon of Norse Gods to choose from! Now just make sure you pick up a warband for games like SAGA and you can just swap your Warlord out for Odin when the time is right and use him in Of Gods & Mortals like I mentioned earlier.

The release is about a month away and I can't wait. I do love Viking stuff!

What do you think?

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