Olleys Armies Arty Victorian Scrunts Take Shape

October 10, 2013 by brennon

Not long ago we showed off some of the models that were coming to the soon-to-be-launched Victorian Scrunt fundraiser from Olleys Armies. Well, now we have some more artwork that was shown off over on Facebook!

Dwarf Cock Fight

Dwarf Thugs

It looks like they have grabbed these chaps from the rather seedy underbelly of Victorian society and they could make up two different character packs when the fundraiser launches. I'm a big fan of this awesome looking gang as it combines two of my favourite things, Dwarfs and Victorian crime!

Olleys Armies have done some superb work in the past and there is a lot of potential here. Might be worth keeping an eye on these guys if you are a fan of stunties!

Will you be joining the gang?

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