Face the Enemies of Only War

June 17, 2013 by dracs

Fantasy Flight Games are going to release a new supplement for the role playing game Only War detailing the many Enemies of the Imperium which will be killing your Imperial Guard characters.

Enemies of the Imperium

The book is divided into different sections dealing with the different types of threats faced by the front line soldiers of the Empire. Many of these are the familiar monsters and heretics who can only be dealt with through some heavy fire power, but others are more relatable to the players' characters.

One of these was discussed in Fantasy Flight's latest preview of the supplement, the Severan Dominate, led by Duke Severus the Thirteenth.

Severan Dominate Trooper

The Severan Dominate is a traitorous realm of humanity which has separated itself from the Imperium. Although they do not appear to be overtly Chaotic or dark in purpose, the Duke has made extensive use of lies, misinformation and political dealings with xenos and even darker threats to maintain his domain.

It is always cool to remember that the 40k universe is more than just the races and factions we see on the tabletop and the RPG's have always allowed us to explore these elements. The concepts of a more relatable villain such as the Severan Dominate will make for some interesting situations and interactions with non-player characters.

Will you stand against the Enemies of the Imperium?

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