The Grudd Line Up Grows For Onslaught Miniatures

June 7, 2017 by brennon

The Grudd range is growing from Onslaught Miniatures and will be hitting the tabletop in the near future if you like the idea of expanding on your Space Dwarf collection.

Grudd Siege Breakers

As well as these troops here and the Grudd Demolishers with their rocket launchers...

Grudd Demolishers

...combined with mining equipment turned into weaponry, we also have some new vehicles too. This Grudd Balder APC looks great too and while I like these renders I'd love to see the proper army on the tabletop.

Grudd Balder APC

Do you think that you'll be growing your 6mm range and snapping up the Grudd as your army of choice?

Let me know below...

"I'd love to see the proper army on the tabletop..."

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