Onslaught Miniatures Show Off Upcoming Grudd Trike

August 11, 2017 by thisisazrael

Onslaught Miniatures have released some work in progress shots of their new Grudd Gun Trike.

Back in June Ben took a look at the Grudd range really fleshing out and I'm glad to see the range grow again.

Grudd Trike Preview

The Grudd Gun Trike looks incredibly sharp for a 6mm scale model so I really look forward to seeing how this translates to the table.

Grudd Bikers Preview

Back at the start of August we also got a glimpse of the Grudd Bikers.

The combination of these units has got me excited to see them whizzing across the table and I really like to see "Space Dwarfs" get some bulky but fast attack options.

What do you think of these new bikers?

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