Play As The Baddies In The ORCQUEST Kickstarter From Maze Games

January 17, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Maze Games has created a fantastic little card game that allows players to put themselves in the role of Orcs and see who can cause the most chaos in a game.

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ORCQUEST: The Card Game is live on Kickstarter (and already funded) and looks like the perfect fast and fun card game for fantasy fans.


The game is for two or more players and takes only twenty minutes, which means you can easily sneak a game of this in over lunch or between other games. The art direction on the cards is brilliant and almost feels like snapshots from some online fantasy battle games.


The purpose? Be the richest green skin alive at the end of the game. To start, each player gets a random hero with a unique skill he can use once per game and receives the corresponding health tokens.


Every turn, you take a card from the draw pile.Then you have to play one challenge card (Brawl, Trap or Capture) from your hand or the permanent challenge. Being a coward will get you hurt. You can also play other cards: one Magic stuff, one Treasure, and as many Cheap shots as you want to help you.


A roll of the dice will determine the result of the challenge. If you succeed, you get the reward (gold, health points...)


If you failed, you can lose health points, gains, cards.

Another great aspect of this game is that every player can interact during each others' turn, using Cheapshots or Magic stuff. This always makes for more entertaining game play as you can interrupt and foil someone's plan in the moment.


When the draw pile is empty, the last turn is played. This is the final phase. Some cards can only be played at this moment, if you have managed to keep them in your hand...

Tally up the points and declare a victor.

Will you be joining the Orcquest?

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