Eel Be Back In Oroko With Kaha’s Latest Monster Concept

November 13, 2015 by dracs

Kaha Miniatures have published a concept sketch for a truly monstrous eel that swims in the rivers of Oroko. If you step foot in the water, beware the Namarai Monster!

Namarai Monster

Said to inhabit the Oroko rivers, the Namarai Monster is a colossal eel straight out of the prehistoric era, looking like a cross between a moray eel and someone's nightmares. Such a monster would be a beautiful miniature and once again fleshes out the interesting fauna of Oroko.

However, I personally doubt this is one concept we will see realised as a sculpt for one simple reason: look at the size of it compared to the incautious divers it's about to devour. Unless Kaha change the scales they're working with, I doubt we'll be catching sight of the Namarai. Although it would be awesome to be proven wrong on that score.

Do you want Kaha to make this monster a reality?

"It looks like a cross between a moray eel and someone's nightmares..."

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