Frostgrave Creator Looks Ahead To A 2nd Edition Release

June 22, 2019 by brennon

The designer behind FrostgraveJoseph A. McCullough, has announced that there are plans in the works to take Frostgrave to its 2nd Edition.

Frostgrave Art - Osprey Games

Clarifying after the leaked information popped up on the internet, Joseph went on to say that his aims for the new edition were to make it much more fun for players and also clear up the rules, making them more balanced and streamlined.

Some examples were also mentioned. He talked about spells and how many of them were just not used because they were too specialised or weak. So, things have been tweaked, chopped and changed to make it more desirable to look beyond to other options.

The entire experience is also getting tweaked, from the first game through to your final quests during a campaign. The idea is to make things, again, more streamlined and fun for those involved whilst also avoiding weird dead ends and such during the advancement step and beyond.

Most of the game will remain exactly the same and all of the supplements will continue to be viable, even if they might need a bit of FAQ work. But, this is set to just make the game more inviting and entertaining for everyone involved.

The game will still us a D20 and be, as he has stated "wacky". I think this sounds great and should be a great step forward for a game which has received a lot of support and love from wargamers.

You can see his full statement HERE.

Will you be cracking on with more Frostgrave when a 2nd Edition hits?

"Most of the game will remain exactly the same..."

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