Osprey Publishing Starts its Own Dedicated Games Division!

March 5, 2014 by dracs

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Osprey Publishing have been producing miniature game rules alongside their more well known history books for some time, but now they are getting into gaming in a whole new way with the establishing of Osprey Games.

Dux Bellorum

Of Gods and Mortals

With the setting up of Osprey Games we can expect to see a greater focus upon bringing out a variety of new rule sets, as well as supplements for those already available. Osprey have also announced that they are planning to bring out card and board games too, which is an interesting direction for the publishing company to go.


A Fistful of Kung Fu

Osprey are currently working on a new game for the Seven Year's War called Honours of War, with the writer Keith Flint currently looking for playtesters on his blog.

What do you think of Osprey going into gaming more heavily? Have you played any of their rule sets?

The full announcement can be found here.

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