Osprey Reveal What Wargames Are On The Horizon For 2016

September 16, 2015 by brennon

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Osprey have revealed some of the wargames that are going to be coming out from them in 2016. Some of them you'll have already heard about including En Garde, Duel In The Sun and Frostgrave: Into The Breeding Pits, but these next three are all new...

Naval Warfare

Stepping back into the age of triremes and other classical galleys we have Poseidon's Warriors which gives you rules for battles on the bright blue seas of the Mediterranean.

Poseidon's Warriors

Hopefully this will spark some interesting battlefields where we get a coastal landscape to fight over. I'm also looking forward to seeing some big 28mm scale boats and dioramas reflecting scenes like this one above.

Beware The Labyrinth

Swapping Historical for Fantastical we have Broken Legions where you'll be playing out fights against Gods and Monsters in the Roman Empire. While this cover takes something from Theseus and the Minotaur it does give us an idea of the monsters we'll be facing.

Broken Legions

Suddenly all of those Hail Caesar armies can break down into smaller units and go hunting beasts in the Celtic forests of Britain or ancient ruins of Egypt.

Sci-Fi Underworlds

It wouldn't be a complete package without something for Sci-Fi and Osprey are also working on Rogue Stars which looks like it took a bit of inspiration from Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Rogue Stars

Here's hoping that we're going to be a gang building narrative game where you can mix and match a variety of different species into your own underworld crime syndicate. The artwork is looking fantastic and I want that big robot as a miniature right now thank you.

Which game would you add to your collection?

"The artwork is looking fantastic and I want that big robot as a miniature right now thank you..."

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