New Dark Dungeon Dwellers from Otherworld Miniatures

March 26, 2012 by brennon

Otherworld Miniatures have certainly got dungeons in mind with this new set of releases. Check out the evil crew below and start crafting your dungeons to accommodate them. They don't like to be kept waiting...

Armoured Skeletons #1

Armoured Skeletons #2

First up are these Armoured Skeletons. Great for fantasy wargaming, but I think their main draw would be as dungeon fodder.

Evil Acolytes #1

Evil Acolytes #2

Evil High Priest

Evil High Warrior Priest

Evil Magic User with Imp

Next up is a set of Acolytes to worship demons, dragons or whatever else dark denizen you can think of. My other thought for these was to use them as a Possessed warband for Mordheim. It's still a great game so this could revitalise it for you! Also don't forget the Wizard with familiar at the bottom, maybe a good Player Character?


And finally is their Demon model. Whereas the other releases all looked rather evil, I can't help but feel that this demon has a bit of a comical face. Plenty of arms though to tear you limb from limb if you said that and upset him.

What's your favourite of the new models?

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