In The Depths Otherworld Miniatures’ Drow Scuttle!

March 13, 2013 by brennon

Otherworld Miniatures have a new selection of deadly Drow for you to use as either enemies in your campaigns, or misunderstood anti-heroes akin to Drizzt...

Drow Warriors II

Drow Warriors III

Drider Patrol

Above are the Drow Warrior sets Two and Three along with a Drider Patrol which contains miniatures that can be bought separately. All of them have the classic dungeon delving feel we've come to expect from Otherworld and are well worth a second look.

If you're looking for a Not-Drizzt for your next campaign then I would suggest either the centre Drow in Set Two or the one on the right in Set Three. Both have that dynamic hero quality to them.

Will you be joining the Drow?

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