Two Monsters Rise from the Earth of Otherworld Miniatures

March 8, 2015 by dracs

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Otherworld Miniatures recently published previews for two new bizarre monsters which will be coming to your fantasy games in order to eat those heroes you've been patiently building up.

First, we get to meet the strange Xorn.


Stemming from the elemental plane of Earth, the Xorn as a truly alien looking species that wouldn't look too out of place in a Lovecraft setting. Single-eyed and many-armed, these creatures look very ungainly, but their long reach and tough looking skin should make them a real challenge.

After the Xorn, the fearsome Landshark flashes a fin.


The Landshark is a vicious creature with a particular taste for horses and Halflings. And since I am currently playing a Halfling character in DnD, I will now go hide behind a sofa.

Otherworld's Landshark is an interesting mix of predatory creatures. Its body is similar to that of a large dog, but its torpedo head and big fin make this a terrifying sight to see exploding from the ground towards your poor, innocent Halfling thief.

Will you bring these monsters into your games when they see release later this month?

"Otherworld's Landshark is an interesting mix of predatory creatures."

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