Otherworld Delve Deeper With New Dungeon Fodder

July 1, 2013 by brennon

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Otherworld Miniatures have delved deeper into their dungeon and found a selection of awesome looking miniatures to both use against and with your heroes...

Purple Worm

First up we have the massive Purple Worm and there is certainly a lot more to this one size wise when compared to the Dungeons & Dragons one! It stands at 125mm tall and dwarfs your poor adventurers who have obviously delved a little too deep!

Greater Familiars

Lesser Familiars

Next up are the Familiars of both the Greater (top) and Lesser (bottom) variety. The ones above would be perfect for a Wizard or other arcana based character since they have a bit more of an eldritch feel to them. The Lesser Familiars would be great for low level Wizards and of course Druids and Rangers too!

War Dogs

Last but not least you can't go delving without mans best friend, the War Dogs. These surly looking hounds even have a little bit of armour to make sure they last that bit longer when tanking against your enemy. I'd say they are also the best looking of these new releases!

I'm tempted to use those War Dogs as Mabari Hounds in Dragon Age you know.

What do you think of this dungeon selection?

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