Otherworld Miniatures Send Out A Call For Adventurers

March 22, 2013 by brennon

Otherworld Miniatures have finally released their massive haul of adventurers for dungeon delving! Check out both their Boxed Sets and Blister Packs and check out some of them below...

Dwarf Fighter

Elf Fighter

Gnome Illusionist

Half Orc Assassin

Halfling Fighter

Human Male Assassin

Above are just a selection of the different heroes you can get your hands on now from Otherworld. Trust me, there are far too many to put in here, you'd just see a massive trail of images!

I suggest heading over to Otherworld and taking a look at the different packs and options, then start making a new hero for a fantastic role-playing experience.

What do you think of this lot?

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