Otherworld Miniatures Stock Your Fantasy RPG Tavern

August 9, 2014 by brennon

Otherworld Miniatures have decided that it's time to pack your fantasy taverns with all manner of interesting characters so see what you think of this cast of miscreants (who will be giving you room and board so be kind!)...

Inn Keeper

Innkeeper's Wife


First up we have the grizzled Innkeeper and the Innkeeper's Wife who both probably had to buy the tavern to make ends meet after his military pay came to an end when he lost his hand in the great goblin wars. They are joined by the Crone who is obviously the Innkeeper's wife's mother and she constantly berates him about all the things he's doing wrong.

Serving Wench I

Serving Wench II

Stable Boy

They are joined by Serving Wench I and Serving Wench II who are local girls hired to keep the place running. They probably know a lot more than they let on and might have a short hard smack across the chops for anyone who tries to take advantage. Mix that with the loyal Stable Boy who I warrant is the child of the Innkeeper by another woman and he's taken him on more out of grudging pity than anything else and you have quite the tavern.

I think that story works right?

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