Otherworld Release New Kobolds & Heroes For Dungeon Delving!

April 21, 2022 by brennon

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Otherworld Miniatures has released a host of new miniatures for those diving into a bit of 28mm Fantasy dungeon delving. We start with the release of a new set of Kobolds who are going to be rampaging around dungeons stealing all your gold.

Kobolds I - Otherworld Miniatures

Kobolds I // Otherworld Miniatures

There are three sets of Kobolds for you to snap up and drop into your games. They come armed with a variety of weapons. The fellows above have swords and shields but others also have spears. Others also come with ranged weapons (below) including slings and bows.

Kobolds III - Otherworld Miniatures

Kobolds III // Otherworld Miniatures

These would be fantastic for those looking to dive in and put together a more classic band of Kobold warriors. Otherworld has gone with the "dog-faced" vibe rather than the reptilian look that a lot of folks are more aware of.

If you wanted to find someone to lead your warband and potentially provide more of a challenge for your heroes, see what you make of the Kobold Champion.

Kobold Champion - Otherworld Miniatures

Kobold Champion // Otherworld Miniatures

You could make a warband entirely made out of Kobolds and have them hunting heroes rather than the other way around! A wonderful collection of miniatures for a Dungeon Master to tinker with.

Capping off the monsters for this particular set of releases, there is also the sneaky looking Ettercap. You could imagine this creature being encountered in the midst of a twisted woodland rather than a dungeon like the fellows above.

Ettercap - Otherworld Miniatures

Ettercap // Otherworld Miniatures

This is just a little slice of what the folks at Otherworld Miniatures have to offer. You can find loads more miniatures in their store for Humanoid Tribes, Dungeon Monsters and Wilderness Encounters.

New Heroes & Angry Princesses!

As well as the monsters, you can also dive in and check out some of the reworked Female miniatures from Otherworld. There are a couple to choose from but I have picked out my favourites. Here is the Female Barbarian...

Female Barbarian - Otherworld Miniatures

Female Barbarian // Otherworld Miniatures

...but something has to be said for the awesome Female Dwarf Fighter! These are awesome and would be a fantastic fit for those playing all manner of Fantasy roleplaying games. Perfect for a bit of D&D or maybe even 7TV Fantasy if you were so inclined.

Female Dwarf Fighter - Otherworld Miniatures

Female Dwarf Fighter // Otherworld Miniatures

Otherworld has also released a new version of the Fighter and the Thief. You can find these in the Fantasy Adventurers section of their webstore. I have picked up a couple of their miniatures to use as main characters in my Frostgrave warbands!

On the NPC side of things, there is also a reworked miniature for the Captured Princess. She is now decidedly angrier about her situation!

Captured Princess Standing - Otherworld Miniatures

Captured Princess (Standing) // Otherworld Miniatures

You can add her to your collection with the sacrificial dagger in hand, ready to take out whoever decided to use her for some ritual sacrifice. You also have her in a magical sleep here, ready to be offered up to some demon.

Captured Princess Prone - Otherworld Miniatures

Captured Princess (Prone) // Otherworld Miniatures

I do like the idea of "rescuing the princess" but she turns out to be an absolute badass who is a capable member of your adventuring company who is able to kick ass despite her incarceration. Embrace that Princess Leia approach to things I say.

Sculpting of this new collection came from Paul Muller, Kev White and Charlie Earl. Andrew Taylor then dived in and did the painting!

Are you going to be checking out these new releases?

"Perfect for a bit of D&D or maybe even 7TV Fantasy if you were so inclined..."

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