Otherworld Populate your Role-Playing Skies and Woods

July 12, 2012 by brennon

One of the foremost companies for role-playing encounters in fantasy has been Otherworld Miniatures. They are boosting their line even more with three more releases...

Cloud Giant

First up is this dominating Cloud Giant. He seems a little too casual for my tastes, but I suppose even a giant has to relax after beating an enemy senseless with that massive maul.

Giant Boars #1

Giant Boars #2

But if you're more of a 'down to earth' adventurer dwelling in the realm of level 1-10 then maybe these boar encounters would be a good shout? There are two different packs, Boars 1 and Boars 2 with a slightly more angry pair in the second set.

Will you be adding them to your miniatures collection?

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