Otherworld’s Psionic Slayer & Death Worm Slither Into Your Dungeon Delve

October 7, 2017 by brennon

Otherworld Miniatures have added two new models to their collection for you to pick up and add into your dungeon delve. The first of these is the Psionic Slayer.

Psionic Slayer

This creature dwells deep within the caves of the Underdark and begins to twist together plans and weave a web of intrigue and spells to befuddle your players. Everyone needs Illithids and Mind Flayers in their campaign.

Matched against this, maybe as the pet to this creature, we have the Death Worm.

Death Worm

This skeletal creature is very much reminiscent of some of those old school beasts you might have run into when playing through your Fighting Fantasy books I'd say. A perfect and terrible creature to face off against.

What do you think of this selection?

"Everyone needs Illithids and Mind Flayers in their campaign..."

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