New Tomb Robbers & Dangers From Otherworld!

November 28, 2014 by brennon

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Otherworld have quite the awesome array of dungeon delving dangers for you come December 1st 2014 and it all starts with some of the undead offerings including the Mummy Lord, Barrow Wight, Ravenous Zombies and Juju Zombies!

Mummy Lord

Barrow Wight

Ravenous Zombie

Juju Zombies

This is just the tip top of the undead coming your way in December and I love pretty much everything they're doing here. The sculpts look well detailed and full of characters, even though they're dead. The Barrow Wight is awesome as a foul boss creature for your heroes to fight against.

Barrow Guardian I

Barrow Guardian II

Barrow Harpy

Guarding the tomb in a more deadly capacity and potentially flanking the bosses as deadly lieutenants we have the likes of the Barrow Guardians both I and II alongside a Barrow Harpy too. I do like the idea of living statues as they are always fun when it comes to freaking out your heroes. Make one set of them come alive and suddenly all of them have the potential to!

The Barrow Harpy I'm not overly found of but it might be her completely untarnished wings. I think they would look better if they'd been ragged and torn up.

Sons of Gaxx

Mongrel Men

Crypt Thing

Coffer Corpses

Making up the bulk of your enemies in the Barrows we have the addition of the Sons of Gaxx, Mongrel Men, Crypt Thing and Coffer Corpses. The last of these would be perfect for your standard shambling horde or maybe even a pair of adventurers who died on their last visit and turned!

I'm not really a fan of the Mongrel Men but I do like their story in that they possess the body parts of fallen adventurers and monsters and warp themselves into strange creations. Simple is better however in my mind and the Crypt Thing is another stunning hit. Simple but effective.

Tomb Robbers

Last but not least are the Tomb Robbers themselves that might have to end up fighting all of this stuff! These could be someone your heroes have hired to lead you deeper into the dungeons or they could even be people you have to fight against for the treasure down their in the ruins.

All of these miniatures coming your way are part of the Barrowmaze Megadungeon which can be found HERE!

That's quite a haul of miniatures!

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