It’s A Total Party Kill With Otherworld’s Slain Adventurers

September 11, 2014 by brennon

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Otherworld Miniatures show that it's not all loot and glory when it comes to adventuring and dungeon delving. Sometimes your party members can meet an unfortunate end like with both Slain Adventurers I and Slain Adventurers II! Fighter, Wizard, Thief and Cleric all bit the dust!

Slain Fighter & Cleric

Slain Wizard & Thief

All of them are made in pewter and come with a larger base too. I think these are really cool and certainly a fun addition to a dungeon masters repertoire of pieces he or she can bring out when things get hairy. You could of course use these as scenery as well which would be nice, or as part of a diorama.

What would be quite cool is to use them as part of an adventure where this poor selection of heroes met their demise and your own players are following along in their footsteps when they stumble upon this grisly scene. The spirits of the dead then rise up and tell the heroes they will help them in exchange for something at the end of the dungeon. Little do they know these heroes are going to hound and berate them at every turn with phrases like "Oh my that wasn't a good strike was it?" giving things an edge of comedy.

What do you think?

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