The Orcs Of Ouroboros Tales Enter Their Final Few Days On Kickstarter

December 13, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

Ouroboros Miniatures have entered their last few days on Kickstarter, which means there's still a bit of time to snag these fantastic Orcs for your collection.

Ouroboros Tales logo

Ouroboros Tales features two 54mm, highly detailed resin Orcs - the Shaman and the Brave.


These guys look amazing and would be the perfect addition to a fantasy collection, whether you are looking to paint and display them or add them to your menacing forces on the tabletop.


They've done some excellent work and it would be great to see someone take a brush to these and give us some full on painted models. The question is, which of the two do you prefer?

Will you be adding some big ol' orcs to your collection?

"The question is, which of the two do you prefer?"

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