Fight For Sci-Fi Horror Survival In Outbreak: Deep Space RPG

May 7, 2014 by brennon

A fair few of us have probably watched films like Event Horizon or Alien and played games like Dead Space and enjoyed the sci-fi horror survival setting. Well, why not check out Outbreak: Deep Space which takes that experience to the tabletop in a survival RPG on Kickstarter...

Outbreak Deep Space

Outbreak Character Sheet

Outbreak Map Tiles

Here's just a snippet of the kind of adventure you could run...

Infestation Terror - Run a campaign of Biological Infestation opponents using ‘Viral’ elements, aka “Zombies in space”.

Invasion Terror - Run a campaign where your players are attacked by sentient creatures, be they human or alien.

Trans Dimensional Terror - Run a campaign where your players are under siege from terrors from beyond our mortal comprehension. Simply replace the Viral mechanic with 'Sanity Loss'.

...and on top of that the RPG comes with a few neat additions like a modular tech system, an ace sounding fear mechanic, and a streamlined combat system to make shooting up aliens and horrific beasties easy.

This sounds like a pretty neat system and it's already started inspiring me to try something in this vein. As they say, in space no one can hear you scream.

Will you back this?

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