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Exclusive: Wayland Games Take Over As Owners Of Wild West Exodus


Outlaw Miniatures are going to be leaving the world of Wild West Exodus behind as it changes hands and becomes the property of Wayland Games Ltd.

The Ladies Of The West Ride Into Gen Con For Wild West Exodus


The Ladies of the West are making their way to Gen Con as an exclusive from the Outlaw Miniatures booth #1037. Here’s your opportunity to add these ladies to your collection if you missed them in the last Kickstarter.

The Dreaded Seven Now Wanted For Wild West Exodus


Outlaw Miniatures have shown off some concept art for a new set of heroes-come-villains that are going to be coming to the tabletop in Wild West Exodus. Here we have the Dreaded Seven…

New Wild West Exodus Terminators Coming Soon


The folks at Wild West Exodus have previewed another of their new unit packs for the Confederate Rebellion. Here we have the heavily armoured Terminators hefting around some big guns…

Fire Up The Blazer Iron Horse For Wild West Exodus


If you’re looking for a speedy solution to close with the enemy then see what you think of the Blazer Iron Horse from Outlaw Miniatures for Wild West Exodus…

More Characters Heading To Wild West Exodus Soon


Outlaw Miniatures have shown off some more of the final resin miniatures that will be heading out to people soon for Wild West Exodus. This is quite the mix of characters so let us know which one is your favourite…

Big Stompy Creatures Arrive For Wild West Exodus


The long awaited big creatures are arriving for Wild West Exodus- and they TOWER over the standard minis! The King Scarab, Scarab, Skin-Walker and Wendigo are ready to add plenty of big and stompy destruction to your games.

Unboxing: Wild West Exodus’ Legendary Wyatt Earp & Dr. Carpathian


We’re in the studio for another unboxing as we find out more about two Legendary models from Wild West Exodus.

William Quantrill Rides Into The Fighting For The WWX Rebels


Outlaw Miniatures have shown off a preview for another of their characters coming out soon for the Confederate Rebellion in Wild West Exodus. See what you think of William Quantrill showing off just how deadly you can be on an iron horse with twin revolvers too…

Wild West Exodus Gives Jim Peterson A More Dynamic Pose


Wild West Exodus redid the pose for the Mercenary, Jim Peterson. He’s got a new, more dynamic pose to capture the essence of what he does best.

Wild West Exodus Greets Slayn The Final Backer Created Merc


Wild West Exodus has shown off the final model created by backers for use as part of the Mercenaries in game. See what you make of the deadly Slayn who looks like quite the gunslinger…

Wild West Exodus Does Some Conquering With Conquistadors


The Golden Army has come to take control of your lands the Mounted Conquistador for Wild West Exodus is no doubt going to be leading the way. See what you think of him atop a mechanical steed below…

A Scout Rides Out Atop Mechanical Steed For Wild West Exodus


Another render has been fired our way by the good folks at Outlaw Miniatures who continue to delve deeper into the factions that were part of their last Kickstarter. The Confederate Rebellion are next with this Blackhoof Scout for Wild West Exodus…

The Watchers Preview Beta II For Wild West Exodus


Outlaw keep the previews coming for Wild West Exodus with a look at another of The Watchers’ models coming soon. This time around it’s Beta II who has his alien rifle raised ready to turn someone into goo…

Welcome The Thunderbolt Of Sinaloa To Wild West Exodus


Outlaw keep the previews coming with a look at one of the characters to help those of you who are fascinated by The Golden Army in Wild West Exodus. This time around the Thunderbolt of Sinaloa is here, Heraclio Bernal, with a pair of deadly pistols…

Unleash A Hail Of Bullets With Wild West Exodus’ William Carney


Outlaw have more previews for you to get excited about when it comes to Wild West Exodus. This time they are showing off the renders for Capt. William Carney who is sporting a rather dangerous looking gun…

Big Horn Comes To Stick The Axe In For Wild West Exodus


Outlaw Miniatures keep the previews of upcoming miniatures coming for Wild West Exodus with another look at the Dark Nation characters on the horizon. This time they are unleashing the bull in a china shop – Big Horn.

The Dark Nation Mount Up On Metal Horses For Wild West Exodus


Outlaw Miniatures have been keeping the tempo up on previews for Wild West Exodus over the next few months and into next year. This time it’s not a character but instead a vehicle with the Dark Nation mounting up on metal horses…

Alternative General Grant Coming To Wild West Exodus At Adepticon


It looks like Adepticon 2016 is going to be a big one for Wild West Exodus as they showed off the preview of an alternative General Grant which will be available on March 31st next year – right at the beginning of the convention.

New Human Form Sitting Bull Coming To Wild West Exodus


Outlaw Miniatures have shown off a render for a new character model that will be available next year in March for Wild West Exodus. They haven’t mentioned his name on social media yet but some clever clogs have said that it’s probably a Human Form version of Sitting Bull…

The Scarab Stalks Into The World Of Wild West Exodus


If you want to unleash something alien and abhorrent on the enemy then see what you think of Wild West Exodus’ Scarab which has been shown off in render form for The Watchers…