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Community Spotlight: Hot Germans, Angry Englishmen & Gruff Dwarves


Come and join us for a look at some awesome painting from you lovely people in the community!

Weekender: Infinity Defiance Kickstarter & FoW Campaign Launching Next Week!


We're talking about the Infinity: Defiance themed week firing up on Monday PLUS the epic Flames Of War Global Campaign which will be running for SIX weeks!

Kings Of War: What Lies In The Future?

4 weeks ago 19

Matt and Rob from Mantic Games are back in the studio to talk about their plans for Kings of War in the coming years.

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3 Colours Up: Anarchy Models Mottled Stencil

4 weeks ago 2

Brian from Anarchy Models is back with Justin in the studio to talk about another of his high-speed stencils.

Come Join Us For An Awesome Star Wars Hobby Weekend

4 weeks ago 7

The Force is strong! Come and join us for an excellent weekend of Star Wars goodness as we get set for a Hobby Weekend on 13th December 2019.

Weekender Kings Of War Starter Set Winners

4 weeks ago 0

Flames Of War Hobby League Update

4 weeks ago 20

Warren and Gerry are joined by John Matthews of Battlefront Miniatures to talk about the Flames of War Hobby League.

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Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood – Future Hopes & Dreams

4 weeks ago 3

Jamie from Shadowborne Games joins Justin and Gerry in the studio to chat about his hopes and dreams for Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood.

Check Out Lazy Squires Immense Villains & Heroes For Stormsunder

4 weeks ago 5

Lazy Squire Games has been sharing some images of their new characters, villains and more for the board game Stormsunder: Heirs Of Ruin.

Round Breakdown: Kings Of War 3rd Edition

4 weeks ago 2

Getting Started With Kings of War

4 weeks ago 0

3 Colours Up: Anarchy Models Tri-Grid

4 weeks ago 3

Brian from Anarchy Models is back to show off another of the high-speed stencils from his Kickstarter: the tri-grid.

Let’s Play: Kings Of War 3rd Edition

1 month ago 39

Gerry oversees a clash of rivals within Mantic Games between the titan Matt and the human Rob.

Mantic Chats New Villainous Game, League Of Infamy

1 month ago 51

Gerry sits down again with Rob and Matt from Mantic Games to talk about the League of Infamy where you play the nefarious villains!

Community Spotlight: Orc Captains, Infinity Inspiration & Sci-Fi Explorers

1 month ago 10

Come and join us for another dive back into the painting awesomeness going on with our community this week.

Weekender: WIN Kings Of War Starter Sets + Harry Potter & Marvel Show And Tell


We're exploring some gaming sets which have caught our eye this week from the world of Harry Potter and Marvel PLUS we're giving away some Kings Of War Starter Sets!

3 Colours Up: Anarchy Models Micro Blotch

1 month ago 3

Brian from Anarchy Models is in the studio with Justin to show off another of this high-speed stencils which is part of a Kickstarter right now.

Unboxing: Marvel Crisis Protocol

1 month ago 48

Gerry and Ryan postpone their off-camera discussion of which Marvel character has the best butt to unbox Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Round Breakdown: Kings Of War Third Edition

1 month ago 59

Rob and Matt from Mantic Games join Gerry in the studio to take him through a round of the third edition of Kings of War.

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