Gets Ammo Out of Puppets War’s New Ammo Boxes

November 23, 2014 by dracs

Ammo is very important on the battlefield. After all, run out of ammo and your powerful gun is just a heavy lump of metal. Now those concerns are gone as Puppets War release two sets of Ammo Boxes to scatter around the table.

Ammo Boxes

Ammo Boxes Scale

Ammo Boxes are useful little terrain accessories as they can be used to help liven up areas and make it look like a real battle is going on, or they can be turned into objective markers which wouldn't look out of place in the same way as a coin or bright red plastic playing piece would.

For those of you who prefer a more classic look for your ammo storage, Puppets War have also released a set of Wooden Ammo Boxes.

Wooden Ammo Boxes

Wooden Ammo Boxes Scale

These Wooden Ammo Crates would not look out of place in games like Malifaux, Wild West Exodus or even just plain historical skirmishes like Legends of the Old West. After all, it might be more than ammo hidden within.

What uses can you think of for these sets of Ammo Boxes?

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