The Army Painter’s Latest Basing Kit Sends You to the Icy Tundra

April 29, 2014 by dracs

As we begin our march towards the Summer months The Army Painter prepares to send our minis to the lands of Winter, with their new Tundra Tuft basing kit currently up for pre-order.

Tundra Tufts

Tundra Tuft

This grass is perfect for evoking the atmosphere of a winter battlefield. It already looks frozen enough that you can almost hear it crunching under foot.


Having used some of The Army Painter's basing kits in the past I can vouch for just how effective they are. This new Tundra Tuft set looks great and will be a fantastic addition to any Winter themed bases.

Have you got any minis which need to traverse the frozen tundra?

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