Arsies Studio Makes Best Superhero Conversion Ever!

July 22, 2014 by dracs

Javier Gonzalez of Arsies Studio, a professional painter responsible for some of the great work we have seen on Infamy, Tale of War and Kabuki Models, has taken Knight Models' Hulk mini and made what has to be the greatest superhero conversion of all time!

Spider-Man vs Rhino

Here we see Spidey locked in mortal combat against one of his most brutal adversaries; the Rhino. However, since there isn't an official Rhino model Gonzalez has taken Knight Model's Hulk and converted it into the iconic villain.

The Incredible Hulk

As you can see from the original model, Gonzalez made a lot of very well realised changes to the mini in order to create the familiar horned villain.

Spider-Man vs Rhino 2

Spider-Man vs Rhino 3

Hulk is much more defined than Rhino so I softened all the anatomy to give him a slightly fatter appearance. I sculpted too skin's texture and converted hands and feet.
- Arsies Studio

Spider-Man vs Rhino 4

Spider-Man vs Rhino Back

The attention to detail on this sculpt is really impressive, from the skin-like texture of the Rhino's suit, to the changing of proportions and addition of two rhinoceros-like toes. For me though, the most impressive piece of attention to detail is the way the head and face have been changed to better replicate the character.

Rhino Hulk Comparison

This conversion won silver at the Stresa World Expo Master Fantasy Open and I think we can all agree it is well deserved. There is an incredible amount of skill gone into this, both in terms of conversion and painting. Now we can only hope that Knight Models decide to bring us their own take on the Rhino.

How do you think this conversion looks? Are there any superhero battles you would like to see sculpted?

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