Check Out The Amazing Art Of Miro Petrov!

May 1, 2014 by brennon

We were browsing the web and found this awesome artist bringing together his amazing looking artwork into one place with the help of the IndieGoGo funding platform. See what you think of The Art of Miro Petrov...

Miro Petrov Book

The book is bringing together a range of different artwork from many interesting and exotic worlds....

  • The book is a hardcover edition with 176 pages, A4 size (8.5x11), with mostly art and only a few pages of text. It contains several chapters, dedicated to the various subjects and settings Miro has explored through the years. The last chapter will be dedicated to the art of some of the most famous bulgarian concept designers, illustrators and 3d artists..
  • Your name will also be included in the credits page of the book for pledges of $40 and above. Depending on your pledge, you can receive additional goodies that will come with the book, including a personal dedication, exclusive 16 pages sketchbook, custom sketches, concept art and full color illustrations.

I think it's actually just best to check out his work and see what you think of it!



Comic & Cartoon



3D Artwork

Assorted Artwork

As you can see he's done a lot of amazing work and even taken on worlds like Pathfinder (the Illustration & Adventure piece) as well as Dark Potential from MiniWarGaming and Warmachine too. The stretch goals will allow for more books to be published, a selection of prints to be made and if he hits his furthest goal more art and more pages in the book itself.

Art and design are some of the most important steps in realising our worlds on the tabletop and sometimes the illustrators don't get as much credit as they deserve so it would be great to see him reach his goal. This could prove to be a neat coffee table book for folk to flick through.

You can check out some more of his artwork at his DeviantArt Page.

What do you think of his art?

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