Community Painting Picks – Assassins, Dreadnoughts & Centurions

March 9, 2016 by brennon

We're back with another round of Community Painting Picks from our forums and of course the ever impressive What Are You Painting Now? thread. It's been a while since the last one but don't fret this series will continue even if we take a little bit of an extended break sometimes. Without further ado let's get to gawping at some awesome painting...

Arkhan The Black By sumchien

First up we have this rather fantastic End Times rendition of Arkhan The Black by sumchien. I really enjoyed what Games Workshop did with these mighty heroes and villains from the shambling undead hordes of the Old World and Arkhan was one superb looking model.

Arkhan the Black by sumchien

I really like what sumchien has done here when it comes to the work on the bone. It looks old and worn as if the creature has lain dormant for hundreds of years. I also like how the armour of the mount matches the armour of Arkhan and ties the model together.

Hats off to that rather awesome set of horns and the shading that's gone on there, top notch stuff.

Centurion By suetoniuspaullinus

Quite fittingly this new Roman miniature, a Centurion to be precise, from suetoniuspaullinus provides us with something different when it comes to historical miniatures this time around.

Centurion by suetoniuspaullinus

This chap would have been fighting with the First Cohort of Tungrians who held a position atop Hadrian's Wall at some point. I really like the gritty and realistic look of suetoniuspaullinus' work once again and the detail work on the shield just adds to the model. I wish I had the patience to do that fine detail work!

Dragon Rampart Soldiers By rovens

Sticking with Historical models we have this set of infantry by rovens who have been painted up to join a Dragon Rampart army. I assume these are going to be pikemen or spearmen for a human army.

Dragon Rampart Soldiers by rovens

The thing that I liked about this scheme is how rovens has managed to keep it all looking uniform but not so much that they all look unnaturally ordered. This looks like a ragtag bunch of soldiers who have been wearily marching to battle for days on end.

Fantasy battles to me have always been a bit gritty and I think you can tell my tastes by now. This earthy and 'human' version of war and its combatants will always be appealing to me.

House Terranis Assassination Protocol Servitor J-10110 By piers

With quite a mouthful of a name we have this epic Assassination Protocol Servitor from piers. This is a proper kitbash with some parts from Adeptus Mechanicus infantry, a helmet from an Empire Wizard and all manner of other little bits and pieces.

House Terranis Assassination Protocol Servitor J-10110 by piers

What struck me here, as well as the awesome bitz box use, was the clean cut nature of the painting which is very neat and works for an automaton style fighter. I also like that he chose a mask which continues this Gothic scheme that we see running throughout the Warhammer 40,000 world. Nice one sir!

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought By olliep

Sticking within the world of Warhammer 40,000 we have this impressively stocky looking Leviathan Siege Dreadnought by olliep. This is, once again, a neat and tidy paintjob, as if the Dreadnought has just rumbled off the factory floor and is getting ready to stomp on some xenos and blast away traitors.

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought by olliep

What I think deserves some kudos here is making sure that the model didn't just look like one big block of metal. There has been care given to make sure that there is a degree of shading and colour tweaking to break up the model and clearly define armour plates, weapons and other details.

Props for doing some good hazard markings on this Dreadnought too, I suck at that!

Morat By seldon9

Last but not least we have this work on some Morats by seldon9. If I was going to get into Infinity I would either be going with the ALEPH for their Cyberpunk style or the Combined and more importantly these awesome Morats who take aggression to a whole different level.

Morat by seldon9

I think the work here is great as seldon9 has managed to combine the anime-style of Infinity with the bright colours and the over the top designs but also made them look like a functional fighting force too. I think my favourite of the three is the lady Morat on the left with the shouldered rifle.

So, that's my picks for this instalment. Did we miss anything that you think should deserve some attention? If so, drop a link into the comments below.

Keep posting and we might share your work!

"This earthy and 'human' version of war and its combatants will always be appealing to me..."

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