Community Painting Picks: Traitors, Snarling Wolves & An Adventuring Hero

August 12, 2016 by brennon

We're back once again for another dose of Community Painting Picks from you lovely people. We're delving back into the Hobby & Painting Forum to show off what you've been working on this week...

Wolf Lord Mounted & On Foot by brushstroke

We kick things off with this fantastic looking paintjob by brushstroke. This shows off just what you can do with bases to make a model pop.

Wolf Lord Mounted #1 by brushstroke

The character himself is fantastic and you can see him here in more detail and on foot. However, the base really compliments the model and brings out all of the green and gold in the armour.

Wolf Lord Mounted #2 by brushstroke

Gold can always be one of those colours on a model which either overtakes the model or suits it well - in this case I think there is just enough, and it's in the right shade, to make the model pop.

Wolf Lord Mounted & On Foot by brushstroke

Additionally the on-foot version of the model also looks great and I like the added attention to detail in the face here too. The cloak and fur also looks great. You can also find a tutorial for his Cracked Ice Bases here on his social media page.

Traitor Librarian by dunham99

We're heading to the world of Sci-Fi and daemons for this next piece as we look at dunham99's work on this Traitor Librarian.

Traitor Librarian #1 by dunham99

One thing that immediately strikes me about this model is the change in tone and colour from the Librarian to the daemon being summoned forth from the ether, or ripped out of his very soul - whichever seems more pertinent!

Traitor Librarian #2 by dunham99

I really like the grim dark feel of the model as a whole and the touch of green on the axe of the Librarian is a nice way to link the daemon into his character. Maybe he had been drawing power from the daemon all this time and it has now betrayed him and manifested itself?

Traitor Librarian Demon Detail by dunham99

The actual work on the daemon itself looks fantastic and the different shades of white and green give it a sense of movement. Maybe the next step up is to shade and blend it to show the Bloodletter actually manifesting itself in red near the top.

Lynx by 144artist

Last but not least we have this model from Hasslefree painted up by 144artist. As you might have guessed it has a bit of a Zelda theme to it and the name Lynx might also serve as a clue as to the models origin.

Lynx #1 by 144artist

Regardless of that however the painting here is wonderful. I love the work on the tunic and the cloak in particular. That freehand work looks great.

Lynx #2 by 144artist

As you take a closer look at the model you can see how much work has gone into the facial details too.

Lynx #3 by 144artist

Anyone who manages to do eyes and not make them look wonky gets a big thumbs up from me.

Some great models from everyone involved and we want you to keep up the good work! As always drop your work into the Hobby & Painting Forum and we'll check out your efforts each week.

What have you been working on this week?

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