Customeeple Show Their Infinity Releases of September

September 15, 2014 by dracs

Customeeple have a ton of new releases joining their awesome selection of made for Infinity pieces this September, and are now showing them off for us all to drool over.

Customeeple September Releases

First up, this month sees some more architecture join Customeeple's urban Infinity landscape with the small Neon City PanOceania buildings.

Neon City PanOceana Small Buildings

Neon City PanOceana Small Buildings Front

Neon City PanOceana Small Buildings Roof

These buildings add an extra level of variety to your Infinity setting, while the addition of the cool neon signs help to create the impression of a living urban environment.

Now the eagle eyed among you may have noticed some cool bits of graffiti scrawled on the sides of these buildings, all of which can now be achieved with the help of Customeeple's new Airbrush Stencils.

Airbrush Stencils

Neon City Buildings With Stencil Designs

These Airbrush Stencils help you to create some cool designs quickly. The addition of graffiti once again helps to give the impression of a living breathing city, be it gang sign or just some more high tech symbols.

Customeeple also have a couple of new accessories to help in your games of Infinity, including the standard templates,

Customeeple Templates

to more specialised token markers.

Customeeple Tokens

All of these are really cool new pieces from Customeeple that will no doubt enhance an already great game. It's cool to see the level of variety Customeeple are going for with their Infinity stuff, with both awesome terrain and gaming accessories appearing this month.

Which of these September releases will you add to your Infinity games?

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