Deep-Cut Studio Take Your Minis Down the Highway to Hell

July 3, 2014 by dracs

Deep-Cut Studio have released another gaming mat, this time transforming your tabletop into the ruined tarmac of a modern / futuristic destroyed highway.

Highway Gaming Mat

Highway Gaming Mat 4x4

Highway Gaming Mat 3x3

These mats look like someone heard the phrase 'hit the road' and took it literally. They each bear distinct road markings, which Deep-Cut Studio say serve as deployment markers at the 8 and 12" boundaries. A handy addition which should help players keep track of things in the game's set up.

Highway Gaming Mat Details

Highway Gaming Mat Detail

Now the only problem I can see with this terrain map is that roads tend not to have a lot of pieces to block line of sight. However, after playing XCom Enemy Unknown, it is easy to see how it can be turned into a dangerous and interactive environment with the addition of a few cars to blow up.

Fancy taking your models on the road?

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