Deep-Cut Studio’s Latest Mat Follows You into the Asteroid Field

October 21, 2014 by dracs

If Star Wars has taught us anything it is that flying into an asteroid belt is always a good idea. Now Deep-Cut Studio's latest playing mat has provided you with the perfect place to hide from the Imperial fleet.

Asteroid Field

Asteroid Close

As with their other mats, Deep-Cut have come up with a highly detailed design. This space mat is particularly vibrant, with eye-catching light and shadows.

Again this mat is available in different dimensions, depending on what size space battles you wish to play.

Asteroid Field Long

Asteroid Field Detail

While I think that this mat has a really nice image, I have to say that I for one wouldn't use this one for space battle games. This is due to the perspective, as if the image is what you would be seeing in front of you. This makes it feel a little weird when you have ships flying across it.

Does the perspective throw you off? What do you think of this mat?

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