Deep-Cut’s Latest Mat Hits the Highway to Hell at an Angle

September 4, 2014 by dracs

Deep-Cut Studio recently released a gaming mat that turned your tabletop into the ruined remains of a highway. The mat featured road markings which could double up as deployment markers, and there was some discussion about what angle ones were best. This has led to the production of a new Highway to Hell mat, bringing a different slant to the setting.

Highway to Hell Diagonal Gaming Mat

Highway to Hell Diagonal Gaming Mat Close

Highway to Hell Diagonal Gaming Mat Crater

As you can see, there has been no drop in the quality and level of detail in the design. However, the option now to choose between horizontal and diagonal street markings is a nice touch, letting players choose the mat with the deployment markings which best fit the scenarios they enjoy playing, while still providing them with a fitting play surface.

Will you be taking Deep-Cut's highway horizontally, or diagonally?

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