Fat Dragon Games Take a Peek Into Ravenfell

July 9, 2014 by dracs

Fat Dragon Games are getting ready to release the core set of their Kickstarter funded terrain set Ravenfell, and have begun publishing preview images to help us explore the fantasy town.

Ravenfell Core Set

Ravenfell Preview

In this printable terrain set, Fat Dragon have succeeded in creating a well detailed and atmospheric fantasy town that you wouldn't be surprised to find turn up in any game, from Dungeons and Dragons to Warmachine.

Printable terrain is a great way to make an effective tabletop setting quickly and Fat Dragon's pieces have always had a great attention to detail in their designs. This Ravenfell Core Set should hopefully be appearing soon, and I personally look forward to seeing what sort of tables people will make using it.

What games do you think this sort of terrain would match with most of all?

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