Find Serenity in Secret Weapon’s Asian Garden

June 27, 2014 by dracs

Secret Weapon have released some new round-lipped decorative bases, two of which sport fine examples of Asian landscape architecture.

80mm Asian Garden Base

100mm Asian Garden Base

These photos aren't the best for showing off the detail of these bases, but they feature bamboo paths, artfully positioned stones, flowing rivers and sculpted gravel. In other words, everything your Bushido minis need to contemplate the divine state of existence while fighting a Penanggalan.

Secret Weapon Miniatures aren't all about serene gardens though as they have also released a new flagstone base to take your minis to a more urbane environment.

80mm Flagstone Base

Do you fancy basing your minis in an Asian garden? Or do the flagstones of the city look more appealing?

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