Expand Their Selection Of Double-Sided Mats

December 4, 2017 by dracs

Supported by (Turn Off) have some new 6x4 double-sided game mats up for pre-order, taking your games to frozen winter realms, blasted battlegrounds, and desolate wastelands.

Icy Tundra and Rocky Battlegrounds

First, we have the Battleground and Winter Realm Mat.

6x4 battleground + Winter realm

On the one side, we find battleground featuring fairly rocky terrain, broken up by sparse patches of grass.


It appears to be quite an arid environment, at odds with the winter realm snowscape on the other side.

Winter Realm

This features a criss-crossing network of paths through the snow, leaving clear the cobblestones beneath. As such, I feel this mat would suit a northern city setting, possibly something like Frostgrave, or maybe Malifaux after Rasputina has paid a visit.

Escape From Quarantine Into The Wastes

The other of the new 6 x 4 mats features the Quarantine Zone and Wasteland.

6x4 Quarantine + Wasteland

The Quarantine Zone side showcases a rather grim and grimy city environment, one that, as its name suggests, has probably been the site of some sinister catastrophe.

Quarantine Zone

Given that it appears rather post-apocalyptic, it pairs well with the Wasteland on its other side.


This Wasteland lives up to its name. You cannot imagine any life thriving in such an environment.

This pairing in particular is giving me some ideas for post-apocalypse gaming. It would be pretty fun to do a Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth style adventure where you must journey across the waste and then fight your way through an infected city.

Gamesmat will be stocking up on these 6 x 4 mats come December 15th, and they will also be available as 4 x 4 versions, along with Gamesmat's Highlands in War / Forgotten Realm and Fallout Zone / Imperial Base mats.

Which game mat in particular catches your eye? Do they give you any game ideas?

"Journey across the waste and then fight your way through an infected city."

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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