40k Astra Militarum Prussonian Army Project With Legend Dave Taylor

December 13, 2017 by johnlyons

As part of my Astra Militarum "Prussonian" army project I decided to call up industry legend Dave Taylor to discuss his process for managing large painting projects.

Managing Wargaming Projects - John Chats to Legend Dave Taylor

For those who don't know, Dave has been working in the wargaming industry for over 20 years and surely his most prestigious credit to date has been his recent series of articles here on Beasts of War.

With a big project to contend with I ask Dave for his thoughts on time management, planning, motivation, and even the psychology of learning.

Above you can see a progress tracker, that we chat about in the video, that Dave uses to manage his commissions to ensure he meets his goals.

You can keep up-to-date with this project, plus all our Hobby Tips here.

You can also follow along Dave Taylor's seven-part Article series on Painting Wargaming Collections here.

Are you ready to tackle your painting backlog?

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