New Kickstarter Seeks to Help the Visually Impaired with Their Rolls

June 12, 2014 by dracs

There are a lot of funky dice out there, dice with ornate and intricate designs on them, dice with dots, or dice with numbers and even dice with over 100 sides! But how about dice with braille? A new Kickstarter has appeared to produce just that, helping the visually impaired with their rolls in games like DnD.

Braille D20

This Kickstarter was set up by a gamer to help create 3D printed Braille dice for her visually impaired friend, for whom a game of DnD takes a bit more prep-work than the rest of us due to being legally blind.

The designs are up for a full set of dice for use in the classic fantasy RPG. These will then be printed up and shipped out to backers, helping, as they put it, visually impaired people to roll a search check.

Braille Dice Comparisons

Braille D10

This is a relatively small Kickstarter project, but I thought it was really worth bringing to people's attention given that this could really help make gaming an easier experience for the visually impaired.

There also seems to have been a lot of thought into how to implement braille dice and produce them using 3D printing. The designs are simple and functional, and should hopefully be a very useful addition to someone's dice collection.

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