Manorhouse Workshop Roll Out the Fantasy Football Field

April 18, 2014 by dracs

Manorhouse Workshop, in collaboration with Maki 1881, are showing off a new gaming surface that will allow you to engage in bloodthirsty games of fantasy football.

MK1881 Fantasy Football Field

These material fields showcase a three dimensional texture and can be folded up and rolled away with ease, as well as painted to give you the gaming field you're after.

MK1881 Fantasy Football Field Close

MK1881 Fantasy Football Field Detail

These images make this new gaming mat look rather promising. I am getting more into fantasy sports games lately, having just picked up a Dreadball team and a Blood Bowl box set, so these textured fantasy football pitches do look interesting, perhaps making the perfect playable setting for you final cup game.

Are you going to play ball with Manorhouse?

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